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2024 Spring Virtual Symposium
Saturday April 6, 2024 - 7:30am


Spring Workshop Faculty and Itinerary:

7:15 A.M       Registrations:

7:50 A.M       Welcome and Remarks

8:00 A.M       Cardiac PET -  "Back to Basics" April Mann  MBA,CNMT,NCT,RT(N)

9:00 A.M       Role of SPECT/CT VQ scan In CTEPH” Nadeem Zia, M.D.

10:00 A.M BREAK

10:10 A.M      Future of treatment using Alpha drugs target therapies . KG Bennet M.D.

11:10 A.M       Radiotherapeutics: Thoughts on the State of the Industry Claudia Dantoin M.D.


12:20 P.M.        Nuclear Medicine Keys Bhawana Rathore M.D. 

13:20 P.M.         Liver Tumor Treatment Options and IR roles for treatment with Radio-Nuclide.   Eric Brockmeyer, M.D

2:20 P.M.            Final Questions and   Answer  


3:00 P.M.            Meeting adjourns. 


Thank You 


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